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Bring Artificial Intelligence with You Everywhere

From self-driving cars to emotion detection, AI and machine learning enable human ingenuity, augment human experiences, and enrich human competencies. Azure Machine Learning provides the enterprise-leading platform, tools, and services to build the next AI application that will change the world. Remove barriers to intelligent applications Cost: As the explosion of enterprise data continues, the…

San Diego Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

With companies making moving to the cloud a top priority in 2018, The Azure Cloud Experts led the San Diego chapter of the Global Azure Bootcamp 2018. And believe it or not, we had a full seminar room on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.  The goal for the attendees? Broadening their knowledge of Azure…

The Azure Cloud Experts (TACE) Announces Availability of Microsoft Azure Premier Services as Enterprises Make Moving to the Public Cloud a Top Priority in 2018

The Azure Cloud Experts (TACE) today announced the availability of Microsoft Azure cloud premier services to help drive the adoption of Azure cloud. Backed by over 18 years of Microsoft hosting and cloud experience, TACE was formed to provide strategic business and technical transformation services for enterprises around Azure cloud for such workloads as IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), disaster recovery, hybrid cloud, Big Data and business intelligence.