Azure Hybrid Cloud Applications & Integrations

A complete suite of services and solutions that allow you to integrate, consume, visualize, manipulate and publish into Azure from the convenience of one API Hub.


Build and Connect

Applications on-premises and in the Cloud


Your business workflows to create consistency and scalability


New opportunities by opening your developer APIs

One Hub - Many User Solutions

App Developers

Discover, learn, onboard, and get support

App Managers

Monitor, analyze, productize, and monetize

When To Use

  • Data Aggregation (IoT Gateways and Hubs)
  • Analytics (Machine Learning, Cosmo DB)
  • Integration (Notification Hubs, Power BI)

Comprehensive Set of Hybrid Capabilities for IoT Solutions

The Integration Tool For Every Need You Have

If you’re looking to:

Try This:

Create workflows and processes to connect your services in both the Cloud and on-premises.Logic Apps
Securely share your APIs from anywhere for use by both internal and external developers.API Management
Implement your secure messaging workflows by connecting your Cloud and on-premises apps and services.Service Bus
Simplify your event-based app development with a fully managed service that connects your Cloud and third-party services.Event Grid

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