Azure Hybrid Cloud File Sync

Enjoy secure, centralized file share management in the Cloud with Hybrid Cloud File Sync.

Gain secure, synced, and centralized file sharing in the Cloud with Azure.

  • Centralized file services
  • Fast, local access to frequently used data
  • Backed by Azure Disaster Recovery and back-up
  • Sync on-premises files into Azure without the need for replication
  • Removes the need for external file-sync and storage applications (such as Box)

File Sync Features


Tiered Storage

Azure stores your data in different storage tiers based on how your files are accessed and how often. Frequently accessed data is kept highly accessible while less accessed data is moved into cold storage. Tiering keeps your costs down by only keeping premium data in the high-accessibility tier.

Syncs On-Premises with the Cloud

Azure File Sync keeps your Azure files in-sync with your on-premises servers.

Keeps All Your Data Covered

If a disaster happens, Azure File Sync can step in to keep you up and running while your cache is rebuilt.

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