Azure Hybrid Identity Manager

A single authentication hub that keeps teams productive while keeping company information safe.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Identity Manager

In today’s online world, teams need to be able to work from anywhere and from any device. How do companies allow this while also ensuring their cloud environment remains safe? The answer: Azure Identity Manager.

You Need A System That…

  • allows your teams to quickly and painlessly access their vital applications and data to effectively work, from wherever they are
  • keeps your sensitive data and critical infrastructure protected regardless of a user’s device or location

Azure Identity Manager provides a single authentication hub that keeps teams productive while keeping company information safe.

Hybrid Identity Use Cases

Unifies Your Azure Hybrid Cloud Environment

  • Provides a single authentication hub for on-premises and cloud access.
  • Allows internal and external collaboration through the Active Directory Federation Services.

Simplifies the User Experience

  • Provides easy single sign-on access so staff can access the data and applications they need from wherever they are.

Keeps Your Data Safe

  • Keeps your data in compliance with applicable regulatory bodies.
  • Initiates single sign-on on all your applications and resources.

Identity Manager Features


Consistent User Authentication

Identity Manager compiles a user’s identity based on attributes found throughout multiple corporate storage resources (e.g. HR, email exchange, databases etc.). These attributes are continually synced to provide a user with seamless authentication regardless of device used.

Seamless External File Sharing

Companies can now federate with external partners or collaborators with easy file sharing and collaboration.

User Self-Service Features

Users can now manage their own profiles, substantially reducing demands on support desks.

Single Sign-On Experiences

Users can now seamlessly access their Office 365, Microsoft Cloud apps and 3rd party apps using their company credentials.

Authentication with Azure Active Directory Connect

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