Azure Hybrid Cloud Load Balancing

Azure’s Hybrid Load Balancer helps you achieve superior network performance while avoiding the costly expense of standard load balancer infrastructure.

Intelligent Load Balancing For Today’s Hybrid Computing

  • Quickly scale your applications on-the-fly
  • Keeps your applications reliable with regular health checks
  • Integrates into your cloud services and virtual machines
  • Balances your private and internet network traffic
  • Replaces the need for costly load balancing infrastructure

Load Balancer Features


Quickly Create Scalable Applications

Backed by built-in load balancing for cloud services and virtual machines, Azure Hybrid Load Balancer allows you to instantly create scalable applications.

Responsive Scalability

Responds to application traffic spikes and automatically scales without you needing to oversee and manage the process.

Protects Your Networks

Oversees and controls inbound and outbound traffic and keeps your networks safe using built-in network address translation (NAT).

Private & Hybrid Load Balancing

Use the Load Balancer to balance traffic between your private network virtual machines or create tiered hybrid applications.

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