Azure Hybrid Cloud Connectivity & Networking

Give your customers the most seamless experience with connected on-premises and cloud services.

Types of Hybrid Connectivity

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Remote Access point-to-site connectivity
  • Site-to-site VPN connectivity
  • ExpressRoute private connectivity

Use Hybrid Networking To:

  • Compute in Azure and On-Site (domain controllers, RDS servers, and container services) while connecting to VM
  • Communicate between applications that exist on-site and in Azure (Azure SQL/PaaS, IIS front end to back end, and legacy applications)
  • Create security zones on-site and through Azure (DMZ in Azure, and development networks)

Hybrid Connectivity to Azure

The Tool For Every Networking Need

If you’re looking to:

Try This:

Connect your entire network including your virtual machines and VPN connections.Virtual Network
Balance your inbound and outbound connections to your services and applications.Load Balancer
Boost the security of your applications with a web application firewall.Application Gateway
Securely access Azure Virtual Networks with high performance VPN gateways using the internet.VPN Gateway
Achieve premium availability and rapid speed DNS responses for your domain needs.Azure DNS
Increase the speed of delivery of high-bandwidth content to your global customers including apps and streaming video.Content Delivery Network
Keep your Azure applications safe from DDoS attacks.Azure DDoS Protection
Provide high availability and responsiveness of services while optimally distributing traffic across global Azure regions.Traffic Manager
Access Microsoft Cloud services from your corporate networks using private network connectivity.ExpressRoute
Easily monitor and diagnose your network conditions at a network scenario level.Network Watcher
Gain native firewalling capabilities with built-in high availability and scalability, all with no maintenance requirements.Azure Firewall
Use a Virtual WAN to securely connect all your offices and sites.Virtual WAN

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