Introducing The Hybrid Cloud Server

By The Azure Cloud Experts

Built for small and mid-size businesses that operate or are looking to partially operate in the Cloud. The Hybrid Cloud Server allows you to deploy, manage and integrate on-premise, private and public clouds while incorporating third party feature rich tools needed to support hybrid users.

Today’s Top Organizations Are Going Hybrid

In a recent Microsoft survey, 84% of companies reported to follow a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

Hybrid Cloud Server

Pre-Bundled Windows Server with Integrated Core IT Services:


Protect and Innovate

Enables you to protect your existing legacy investments while building for your future Cloud infrastructure needs.

Centralized Storage

Combine your Cloud storage into a single easy-to-use centralized dashboard.

Flexibility At Every Turn

Flexibly address common business needs such as virtual server, desktop-as-a-service, local backup, Azure backup, Office 365, as well as specialized solutions.

Agility & Innovation Built In

Brings the agility and innovation of Cloud computing to your on-premise environment.

Consistent Service

Whether running tools and deployments or operations and automations, you need consistent service to ensure your business runs smoothly in the Cloud. Combining Public and Private availability, The Hybrid Cloud Server ensures your Cloud service running consistently at all times.

Azure Certified - Fully Supported by The Azure Cloud Experts

Rest easy knowing the server is fully certified by Microsoft and will be installed by the TACE team — a trusted Microsoft Partner.

Consistent Hybrid Cloud Platform

Fully integrates your traditional computing environment with Microsoft 365 and Azure. Whether operating as an extension of Azure or as an extension of your on-premise solution, The Hybrid Cloud Server gives you a consistent experience every step of the way.

A Truly Consistent Azure Hybrid Cloud


One Platform, Many Solutions

From security to file sharing, The Hybrid Cloud Server’s delivers intelligent hybrid solutions to solve your many business needs.

Secure Data

  • Keeps your data in compliance with applicable regulatory bodies.
  • Initiates single sign-on on all your applications and resources.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

  • Keeps your applications running and your data safe during IT interruptions.
  • Zero application loss during recovery.
  • Provides continuous backup and archiving to keep your data safe.

Remote Friendly

  • Single sign-on access gives staff easy access to the data and applications they need, wherever they are.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Know what applications and devices need maintenance and when with The Hybrid Cloud Server’s built in predictive IoT maintenance.

Track Usage

  • See how your applications are performing and anticipate user loads with fully enabled big data and analytics tools.

File Sharing & Sync

  • Provides secure, synced, and centralized file sharing that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Sync on-premises files into Azure without the need for replication.

Built Lock-Step with Azure For Your Future

Built with the vision of the Azure Stack and Azure in mind, The Hybrid Cloud Server brings the entire Azure Ecosystem to your business.

Migration Made Easy

Simplifies and enables an orderly migration to the Cloud.

Familiar Look and Feel

Designed with the same aesthetics of Azure to provide you with a familiar user experience.

Fully Integrated

Provides complete and seamless integration with the Azure Stack and Azure.


Fully Supports Your Existing Apps and Solutions

Rest easy knowing that the Hybrid Cloud Server supports all of your existing solutions and applications.

Pre-Integrated solutions that work on The Hybrid Cloud Server

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