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Maintain the integrity of your data, staying within budget, keep up with changing technology and running your business as efficiently as possible.

Our seasoned advisors, risk mitigation services, security and compliance expertise will help you achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Azure Advisory Services

Help establish or extend your technology objectives through Azure cloud migration or a hybrid model.



Mitigating risk, optimizing costs and keeping your data secure and compliant during and after your Azure cloud migration



Assessing current and planned Azure environment with an Azure cloud migration assessment



Applying a framework and plan for a shift or refactoring of your legacy environment

Azure Cloud Migration Services

We will eliminate roadblocks set in place by legacy systems.

  • Our engineers will manage the Azure cloud migration every step of the way, ensuring the process is seamless and aligns with your needs.
  • We will plan for any shifts associated with your legacy environment and devise a migration with the lowest possible risk.

When migrating workloads and applications to Microsoft Azure, we employ the following four-step migration process:



Catalog your software and workloads.



Categorize applications and workloads.



Identify the destination for each of your workloads.


Make the actual move to Azure.

Azure Managed Services

Takes you beyond the ticketing and break/fix method you’ll encounter when using an MSP.


Custom Support Strategy

Get a customized Azure support strategy that works for you, ensuring that your instances are constantly being monitored.

Operational Support

Receive operational support of compute, storage and infrastructure.

Full System Overview Support

We manage your system software, configurations and service consumption.

The Azure Cloud Experts track, audit and manage your cloud usage to keep costs optimized. Our team of experts ensures continuous cost optimization of your infrastructure, eliminating cloud sprawl and reducing your overall cloud costs.

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